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Kardan Consulting

Personally managing the needs and expectations of your business through strategic planning and hands-on implementation.


Why We're Different  

Established in 2000, Kardan Consulting has an established reputation for providing public relations and marketing services to a range of national, multinational and specialist organisations.

With extensive experience spanning across a range of industry sectors including financial services, property, FMCG and health, we customise public relations and marketing strategies to meet both the broader and more specific needs of each of our clients.

We view our clients as our business partners and work closely with them to support their business objectives by:

  • Only providing senior level expertise to manage and implement any media activity on their behalf.
  • Managing and facilitating communications with a comprehensive range of media contacts.
  • Providing representation to media which is flexible and adaptable to changing industry conditions.
  • Creating public relations plans which are tailored to support their immediate and long-term requirements.

Personally managing the needs and expectations of our business partners through strategic planning and hands-on implementation is what makes our company results driven


Sydney - phone 02 9967 3245